FirstSpirit CMS

FirstSpirit is a highly flexible content management and e-commerce solution offered by e-Spirit, that makes it easy for retail marketers to create and maintain a seamless, multi-channel consumer experience.

  • FirstSpirit CMS (Content Management)
  • MarketPlace – E-commerce
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Digital Marketing

More than just Web Content Management

Outstanding online experiences for users, editors, and developers

FirstSpirit  effortlessly manages all of a company’s content, regardless of where it resides on corporate websites, online stores, enterprise portals, intranet or extranets.

Online store systems, online marketing tools, social media, cloud solutions, text, images and video files can be integrated into an overall re-design concept with maximum ease of use for both the website visitor and the editorial, PR, marketing and technical professionals who work with FirstSpirit.

Main advantages:

  • Smooth creation of attractive websites, online stores and portals
  • Website enhancement using editorial and social content
  • Flexible content re-use across various channels
  • Higher conversion rates and sales due to effective cross-channel management
  • Central creation, coordination and evaluation of online marketing campaigns
  • Support for automated lead generation and lead management
  • Optimal usability for all users: customers and back-end staff
Client-server Architecture

FirstSpirit is a classic client-server application, which is completely based on Java and web technology.
The FirstSpirit  server is accessed either via FirstSpirit  JavaClient or via FirstSpirit WebClient. While JavaClient provides a convenient, swing-based interface for both editors and template developers, WebClient is optimised on the basis of a browser-based interface for fast and uncomplicated maintenance of editorial content.
Communication between the FirstSpirit  client and server, depending on the use scenario, is either based on HTTP(S) using an application
server or on direct use of TCP.
The live system undertakes the actual delivery of content to the end user. The FirstSpirit  server is strictly separated from the live system. It only needs to establish a connection when redeploying to transfer data. (see Figure). A direct interaction between the live system and the FirstSpirit  server is not necessary.